"You make me feel less cynical."

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acrossausrp: "Hi! Can we bother you for an opinion, please? Thanks in advance!"

It’s no bother at all, sunshine. Of course! Took me a minute or two to process what the url said, and to understand it, but all’s well. First off, I think the gradient being used is really cute. Though it is cute, I do believe that it would look a lot better with darker pictures because of the contrast/brightness of the gradient, if that makes any sense? Like, the gradient looks a lot better in the picture that pops up when you hover over the sidebar. Other than that, visually speaking I feel as though the theme doesn’t really match up with the gradient. The colours seem a little off, and I do think that it could be better matched up! Other than that, I think everything looks fine. Moving onto the plot, this is a Harry Potter based roleplay I see. I absolutely love Harry Potter; however, Harry Potter roleplays are not typically something that interest me. The plot seems to be original, though again, I don’t really look at Harry Potter roleplays so I’m not one to speak on originality. There’s not much for me to speak about other than the fact that you seem like a very dedicated and kind admin! For those who are interested in Harry Potter roleplays, this would be a definite rec; however, this isn’t my cup of tea. Good job though, love!


Can I help anyone with anything? I have absolutely nothing to do and would love to assist anyone if needed. Gif hunts? Opinions on roleplays? General roleplay help? Face claim help? I’m your gal!

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Fifth Harmony for BlackBook Magazine 


You nearly called the band what?!