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dear lia,

so ignore all of the spelling/grammatical errors i make here bc i am definitely not going back and fixing them all. anyways, i wanted to wish you a super happy birthday!!! wow you’re getting old man how does it feel??? must feel nice hmmmmm?? i remember when we first met omg it was bc i posted something about wanting to 1x1 and that’s when we followed each other and then you replied to my post about the 1x1 and we got each other’s aims and we started talking and i just remember how we just clicked right away. like you know how sometimes you’ll meet a person and just think “wow, i just know that i’m gonna be really good friends with you”??? well thats exactly how i felt about you. like we just clicked, there’s no other way to put it. needless to say, you became one of my closest friends on here. it’s just really nice to meet someone who you can talk to so comfortably, ya know?? and as cliche as it sounds, from the moment i met you, i felt as if i had already known you for years and years. like, just the way we started talking, it was so comfortable and casual. usually, i’m super awkward. when i first meet someone, i try too hard and it’s just a mess tbh, like i always feel awkward when i first have an actual conversation with someone new. but you were different. i felt to comfortable talking to you, like we were already the best of friends, and i didn’t have to try hard around you. you accepted me for the person that i was and am, and i really can’t thank you enough for that.

it’s honestly so nice knowing that there’s someone that’s always got your back, and i feel like out of everyone on here, i can trust you the most. i can count on you for whatever - to cheer me up if im feeling down, to make me laugh when all i wanna do is cry, to listen to me when i go on my bitch crazy rants, to support me no matter how stupid or crazy i get, and to always give me the advice that i so desperately need. like whenever i start getting upset or frustrated or mad about something, i can always go to you, and i always do. you’re literally the first person i go to when i need to talk, because you’re always so supportive and you always make me feel so happy. no matter how sad i get or how pissed i get, you show me the brighter side. you’re literally the sunshine to my gloomy days, and i just don’t know how to repay you for that.

i’m not exactly sure why someone as amazing as you had settled to be my friend, but i sure as hell aint complaining. you may not believe me, but sometimes i kind of just sit around and think about why someone like you would actually love me. like my heart is only filled with love for you, and i feel like the luckiest girl on earth to know that you love me right back. it’s hard to trust a person, but it’s harder to trust a person as much as i trust you. like i literally trust you with my life, and that’s something seriously rare for me. we may have not been friends for very long, but i feel like the few months that we have been friends, can trump any 10 year friendship, and easily too. we’ve grown this bond that i feel is seriously inseparable, and you better stick around for the years to come. online friendship isn’t the easiest thing but i think it’s something a lot stronger than friendship in real life, because it’s just all the more harder to get to know someone online, which makes the friendship a lot truer online. you’re literally one of my closest friends, and i honestly mean it when i say that i don’t know what i would do without you. i’d be this crazy bitch that rants to herself because no one else is there to listen tbh???

i also wanna quickly say that i hope you know how amazing you are. i hope you know how beautiful, magnificent, wonderful, stunning, heart stopping, breath taking, astonishing and phenomenal you are. i know that sometimes people *cough some guys cough a specific guy* and things can get you down in the dumps, but i hope you always know how much better you are than that. you’re literally one of the most amazing people i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and i just love you a lot. never freaking forget how fucking perfect and amazing you are. never ever change, please.

thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. thank you for listening, thank you for being so supportive, thank you for being so kind and caring, thank you for being you.

lia, my sweetheart, words cannot begin to explain how much i love you. i love you to the moon and back, and to infinity and beyond. you’ll always be the colton/jackson to my holland/lydia. #otp: liall and jularry #otp: you’re my sweetheart
happy birthday darling, i hope you have a good one!!!!!!!

love, lori

like i told you, i tried to write you a poem but i failed miserably. after an hour or two of trashing paper and scribbling out stupid phrases, and then googling how to write poems, and spending 40 minutes going through webpages that did not help whatsoever, i decided to just find a poem that i wanted to dedicate to you. so here it is!!

You do not know how deeply my love goes

Your arms around me, wrapped, is all I need

With every day and hour my love grows.

From eye to eye, from head down to my toes

To make you happy is my only creed

You do not know how deeply my love goes.

I see you smile and everybody knows

That in my heart, your smile plants a seed

With every day and hour my love grows.

From day to night I dream of days in prose,

My life is like a poem, please take heed,

You do not know how deeply my love goes.

I see your beauty bloom with every rose,

And your name floats in every river reed,

With every day and hour my love grows.

One day we’ll be together with no foes

We’ll ride into the sunset on a steed,

You do not know how deeply my love goes,

With every day and hour my love grows.

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